About Us

Since forming , Extreme Talent has achieved years of continual growth and is now firmly established as one of the United Kingdom’s leading commercial casting management sites. Representing 100’s of professional models at all ages, we also recognised the importance of a diverse portfolio in terms of category; Presenters, actors, characters and groups are all easily identified and we are very pleased to have established one of the largest databases of ethnic artiste’s across the country.

Who We Are

At Extreme Talent, we post out adults and children’s casting calls for modelling, music, feature films, movies and TV shows each week which you can apply for. Most film and TV castings do not require any experience and anyone can join. You could land a lead role in a major film or have an experience on set as a film extra.

Your modelling/acting/musician career can rise from where you are now to stardom in no time at all given the right role.

We are proud of our continual progression, especially during the recession and put this is down to client loyalty. Regardless of growth, every booking has and will continue to be personally overseen by our highly dedicated professional consultants, who have over 25 years of combined experience. Please take a look at memberships, we have something for everybody.

Why Extreme?

That is a good question and one we encourage all our members to stop and think about!

Many individuals would like to become a model, actor, musician or appear on TV or the big screen. This is where our professional team of experienced casting agents & our daily updated job opportunities come in.

Our team does not require a portfolio or studio experience to sign you up although it is preferred. Our team will endeavour to tailor any casting opportunity that they feel you will be a good fit for and put you forward for the role.

At Extreme Talent you can purchase any one of our 2 yearly memberships and immediately see the castings that are available. We have spent many hours setting out the memberships, so that there is something for everybody. We offer memberships that include a full professional website that includes unlimited images, information about yourself and your stats. So when you apply you can showcase yourself in the best way possible.

We do not offer studio shoots…. We can point you in the right direction and have photographers we work with, who will take your images on a time for prints basis, so you get great professional prints and they gain more experience. We also hold MNE (Modelling Network Events). This service is offered to members only, for a small attendance fee and you will get to keep ALL the images from the day FREE!!! The MNE is great for people who need professional images, want to update or just want to network with other likeminded people. We also have our consultants present, so you can ask as many questions as you need to, get ideas, tips and much more.


Job for anyone, anywhere

Unlimited Applications

Unlike other sites, you can apply for as many jobs as you want on Extreme Talent .

Talent Profile

Add your headshots, Showreels, resumes, credits and skills, so you can be scouted by the best in the industry.

Instant Job Alerts

Never miss an opportunity. Get job alerts delivered to the palm of your hand or direct to your PC.

Unlimited Media

Extreme Talent offers unlimited media, so you always have the correct pictures or showreel.

The Most Jobs

Extreme Talent has more models, performing arts, music and acting jobs than any other talent management platform.

Safety & Security

Extreme Talent is a talent management platform you can trust. Our team reviews ALL jobs for safety and legitimacy.