Sean Fontaine

October 23, 1998

About Candidate

Hello everyone my name is Sean but I prefer to be called Don Sean. I’m a rapper/model/actor/entrepreneur. I from the United States of America and just moved to England about 3 years ago for a better opportunity and I have not been disappointed since I’ve came here. I’ve always been around music and talented people so I always had a vision and faith that I could potentially find a career out of this. Since I’ve been in England I’ve done work for a modeling agency built up a portfolio but didn’t progress to the next step. It didn’t crush my dreams but gave me a bit of motivation to work harder. I’ve also done modeling work for Loyalty London a urban clothing brand in London. I have a nice catalog of unreleased music and occasionally preview it to my fans on social media. Right now I’m building a team to help push my image and talents and I believe once I’ve mastered the business, marketing, & networking side of this industry I’ll be able to make smarter decisions in the future. Also if you haven’t already go follow my social media for new updates on my music appreciate y’all.