Samuel Berih

June 15, 2000

About Candidate

I was born and grown up in Eritrea (located in the coastline of the Red Sea in East Africa, beautiful and mountainous country ).

I am a dedicated engineering student at the Queen  Mary university of London. I also work as delivery partner with Uber eat , Deliveroo, and Stuart, it is very flexible work I can login and out whenever I want. I am Very ambitious person. I love travelling and I am very curious about the nature of our universe and the beauty of all creations. I can not appreciate enough our diversity, it is so unique and outstanding gift given to us.


I love music, dancing  and fashion dresses. I am keen to take a hand-on approach to any task as I am optimistic and open mind for any opportunities. I am very eager to explore the modelling industry. I believe it never been late to fight back if you have the potential.

One of my hobbies is reading ( The Alchemist, Sophie’s World, Switch On Your Brain , Rich Dad Poor Dad, and  Black Mirror ) these are some of the books I have read.

I have a great personality complemented by a committed work ethic.