Mo Sosseh

July 27, 2022

About Candidate

I’m a colourful free spirit, a people lover, a traveller and a mystic, I have travelled extensively to such places as India, Morocco, Brazil, Mexico, Egypt, Oman, Gambia, Tobago, Barbados, Thailand and the USA.
I was born in leafy Kent and as a young child I was very inspired by my mother’s talent as a dressmaker which sparked my early interest in fashion. As a teenager I lived with my father in Gambia for six months which gave me my appetite for travel and adventure. I lost my father when I was sixteen which propelled me to being head of the household with all the responsibilities involved including looking after the younger family members, helping my mother and providing an income.
My first jobs were in the fashionable Kings Road and since then I’ve always worked in the more trendy, creative environments and with artists. I was PA for Simon Carter for a number of years who is well known for his jewellery and men’s accessories.
Family is very important to me, I’m a father and grandfather and I’ve been married to my husband for 6 years. I’m a keen animal lover and we have a big selection of pets- including hairless Sphynx, tortoises, fish and a dog. Other interests include art, photography, the theatre, musicals, jewellery, fashion, fitness, yoga, walking and music.
I’ve always had a strong feeling that there is more to life than meets the eye. I’m fascinated by the mystical and the unexplained, I have good intuition, I’m psychic and most importantly I have a knowing and a deep sense of Spirituality which has underpinned my actions and my life.