Matthew Persaud

January 20, 1992

About Candidate

Hey I’m Matthew, I prefer Matt. I’m a handsome fella, thank you for acknowledging. I am pretty confident in front of a camera and mirror. I know this from shooting my own music videos and doing photoshoots, and looking in the mirror! I take a lot of selfies on my phone also, but try not to be too vain!

I am a fun and bubbly person with a silly sense of humour. Whats the point of it all if everything is taken so serious, it just makes life more draining of life, being too stuck up your own! I love nature runs, appreciating the natural elements of the world with all my senses.

Going to the gym makes me feel good about myself and obviously, maintains and builds my physique. Competing in athletic competitions, gives me a drive to be better and gives me a real challenge to work towards. Free running is fun too, and yes it is dangerous, but I love the thrill.

I enjoy writing and recording rap music in a recording studio. Hearing my own voice, vocalled on instrumentals makes me marvel at my creative abilities, eager to share it with the rest of the world.

I like to take on the role of characters that have been created in a directors mind and acting them out in a scripted fashion, making full use of my imagination. Graphic design is also something I enjoy. Creating art pieces whilst listening to music, on digital format, gives me a kick as I find the best matching colours and piece them together.

I enjoy spending time with my family, there is nothing more important than them. Going to social clubs with friends, to wind down, allows me to be myself openly.

Dancing freely in a club environment is a real escape from the stresses of life, and allows me to free myself for a moment from the boundaries I have unconsciously and consciously laced myself into. Yes I am quite a deep thinker also, I like to wonder into metaphysics.