Kristine Sikle

January 26, 1991

About Candidate

I consider myself a rather talkative person with a friendly attitude and positive outlook on life. I am always looking for new things to challenge myself with and push my boundaries to broaden my horizons, I don’t shy away from trying out things that might scare me at first like skydiving, abseiling, and rock climbing. I believe that when you’re doing something it’s always to do it 110%, give it your all and hold nothing back or else it’s pointless even trying. My interest and hobbies include but are not limited to ice skating, running, cooking, and cycling. In my free time, I enjoy starting my own arts and crafts projects such as making all different types of decorations for special occasions. For entertainment, I find pleasure in taking a trip to a local theatre to see a play and attend music festivals and travel around the world.