Giulia Mascagna

November 28, 1994

About Candidate

Hi I’m Giulia (Julia), originally from Rome, Italy.  I am currently based in London but do not mind travelling for jobs, providing transport is covered.

I grew up bilingual Italian- English and now also speak Spanish and French. Sport- wise I did artistic gymnastics for ten years and used  to compete too. I have left the sport now but can still do splits, cartwheels and back flips. Now I enjoy doing yoga and fitness training mostly.

I am a solar and smiley person with a love for art: I enjoy drawing and photography (analog cameras) as a hobby so I decided to broaden my creative passion with modelling. I have done some catwalks in the past for charity events and recently did some photo shoots, which I really enjoyed the bustling energy that goes with it. I am still new to the industry so I am open to different kind of jobs.

I am a perfectionist so that means I am a hard worker, and will do my best to achieve a goal. I enjoy working in a team, especially if with fun people! I do not mind people giving me instructions and I adapt very quickly to new environments and tasks. I am a reliable person who values precision and punctuality, and most importantly, very patient.

See you soon!