Faranak Wakefield

July 29, 1981

About Candidate

My name is Faranak. I’m originally from Iran and Persian is my first language. I moved to England in 2007. Having a degree in Maths from Iran, everybody advised me to become a Maths teacher here so I was teaching Maths privately for few years then I started working in the schools since 2016. Since my childhood I have been very fascinated about fashion and acting. Watching artistic movies from well-known directors is one of my pleasures like Black Swan, Chocolate, Malena which are some of my favourite movies. I’m a good swimmer and I try to swim few times a week to keep fit and healthy. One of my enjoyable habits is listening to variety of music and recently I started to learn playing classical guitar. I love yoga and I practice yoga at home. I’m a very good cook and have no fear to try new recipes. Traveling is one of my aims in life and I love to see new places in the world.